Thursday, February 12, 2009

With My Fingers Crossed

Here we go!

My husband has his first mandated furlough day tomorrow. He's a California state employee and this is the all-knowing state politicians' idea on how to solve a budget crisis: make the middle class poorer.

Because we refuse to be victims, we have decided to find alternative ways to make money. Who knows, maybe we'll become such wealthy entrepreneurs from these ideas that he'll be able to tell CA where they can put their job!

Tonight's first steps are an article on e-How and this blog, which will give you the ideas we're using to make more $$. Or ideas we've heard about but are too timid to try.

Also, since I have a background in human resources, I'll be sharing job search and interviewing skills.

So, with our fingers crossed, I start this endeavor. Hope you learn something while we make some extra $$. I'll keep you updated on the income so you'll know how real it is!

1 comment:

Tonya said...

Hoping this finds things going well with your furlough. Did you discontinue your other site?? I am proud to be your first follower on here!