Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let's Get Started with Interviewing

I'm so excited! I just wrote my first eHow article and it really wasn't that hard. It's about preparing for a job interview. You can check it out at

Actually, PLEASE check it out! I need to get views so I can get some notoriety. I appreciate all pity views, so pass it on to your friends, family, enemies, etc.

During my career in Human Resources I managed a training program for people on unemployment. Part of the program was a job skills class that included info on interviewing skills and resume preparation. I plan to share all that knowledge on eHow. So the above article is the first of several. I'll go into the details of some of the steps in later articles.

And for all of you searching for jobs, I wish you the best of luck. Through my career I have interviewed hundreds of people. My best advice is for you to remember that the interviewer wants you to be the last person they have to meet for the job. However, they have to make sure you'll be a good fit. It doesn't do you or them any favor to misrepresent yourself. Be calm, be truthful and be confident.

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Lori said...

I read your eHow article. Very good advice in that little ditty. Thanks for posting it and many good wishes for your writing career! I admire your attitude and your willingness to offer help to others in a squeezed situation. God bless you and your family!