Saturday, April 18, 2009

Take a Break from the Stress

Money's tight and your stressed how you're going to pay the next round of bills. I know this is a cliche, but during times like this, you have to remember to have fun, especially if you have kids.

Have a cheap night in with the kids with a special game night. With a trip to the dollar store and some inexpensive finger foods, you can turn an ordinary night into a memorable event. Check out my eHow article at .

A night like this reminds you what is truly important in life: your family. Yeah, it would be nice not to have to worry about money. But take a night off and have fun with the kids.

If you don't have kids, invite some friends over for a game night and make the theme "Cheezy Kids' Birthday Parties." Not only is this a silly theme sure to make the evening fun, it's also a cheap decorating idea. Now you can go to a dollar or party store and buy the cheapest, tackiest kids' birthday party supplies (plates, napkins, paper table cloth, cups, etc.) to decorate your house. Have everyone bring a finger food. The finger foods and cheap decorating ideas keep the party in your tight budget.

If having friends over doesn't work for you, treat yourself to a special movie night at home. Movies are only $1 from the Red Box (see if there's one in your area Get special popcorn you normally wouldn't buy and serve it in a fancier bowl than you would normally use. Serve yourself a hot dog and mac n' cheese on fancy dishware. Set a nice place for yourself in front of the TV. Light soothing smelling candles, turn down the lights and enjoy yourself.

Take a night off from your problems. You really need it!

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